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Chakras are organized by a spectrum of color, each color carrying its own vibrational energy. Our Chakra Bracelets are organized in the same manner. Pick a color your energy is drawing you towards. Each bracelet collection will feature its corresponding healings stones. You can use this process of exploration throughout our website to help you find what you're spirit is seeking.


There is an energy that runs through each of us.  One universal force shrouded in mystery.  The ancient eastern cultures called this energy Prana, or “life-sustaining force”.  The Iroquoian name for this spiritual energy inherent in all people and their environment was known as “Orenda”.  The similarities are more than a coincidence.  They give us a hint that people everywhere have tapped into something universal – A DIVINE PRESENCE WITHIN ALL OF US AND IN EVERYTHING.

We weave this ancient Native American Tradition with an Ancient Eastern Tradition in our Chakra and Crystal Healing Collection. Chakras are whirlpools of energy that regulate the flow of consciousness into and from the human body, and are very responsive to thought and emotion.  The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and our chakras tie them all together. 


Utilize this proven technology to reconnect a balance with nature through reconnecting a balance within yourself.  The ancient technology runs a thread through all civilizations, just as I run a thread through each of these beads, connecting them to create an adornment designed to be worn with purpose and intention. 

We can awaken our divine potential by enhancing ourselves as an individual (microcosm), as then we are able to connect with enhanced energy back into the universe (macrocosm).

This enhanced cycle returns to us and continues a cycle of positivity, enabling us to manifest our dreams by awakening our own inner wisdom and divine potential.

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